April Family Fun

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Hey friends! Each month we’ll be sharing some family fun ideas at the beginning of the month!

April showers bring May flowers! Happy Spring everyone! Who else is super excited to get outside and smell some flowers? We’ve compiled a great little list to get your springtime family fun kicked off!

Here are some of our ideas you can try this month!

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🌷Visit A Tulip farm

Did you know that there’s a Tulip Farm you can visit right here in Hamilton? Tulips always signify the beginning of Spring, and what better way to embrace the new season than with a visit to a tulip farm! Check out Tasc U Pick farm for available dates!

🎲Board Game Day/Night

The family that games together, stays together… or something like that! Board games have come a long way since our childhood days, but whether you try out something new, or play a classic like Monopoly or Sorry the time spent together will be something to remember! Check out our April Family Fun Blog Post for some ideas!

🍕Cook A New Recipe Together

This one is great for the weekend! Especially for when it’s been a rainy spring day. Gather a couple of cookbooks and let a family member pick a starter, main, and dessert each, or work together on a single dish! Prepping ingredients and mixing or mashing are great activities to work together on for younger kids. If you have some teens in the house- make them in charge of desserts!

🎨Draw Family Portraits/ Work on 1 painting as a Family

Have young artists draw a portrait of each family member their medium of choice; or divide up a canvas/ paper into 1 section per person and have everyone draw or paint a similar scene… you can even get the dogs involved in this one! Just put some plastic wrap over the paint and top it off with some treats and watch them squish the paint around!

🍃Spring Clean & Donate

I don’t know about you, but once the snow starts melting I get the spring cleaning bug and want to start fresh! Get the family involved and have everyone go through their clothes or toys and donate anything that doesn’t spark joy, or simply just doesn’t fit anymore. There are a LOT of places to donate here in Hamilton. If you want to donate gently used books, check out our friends at Children’s Book Bank in Toronto.

💦Go Puddle Jumping!

Last but certainly not least, don your rain boots and take advantage of the wet weather with a little bit of puddle jumping! You’d be amazed at how much even adults will have!

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