Ashley T.

Get crafty with Ashley! Learn how to make some perfect crafts for this summer.

Pipe Cleaner Dragonflies
Keep cool: Fancy Fruit Fans

I am an award winning multidisciplinary artist and am currently the Art Starts Community Artist running the Creative Hands program for the past three seasons for children 6 years and younger. I am also running the Sell Our Own pilot program at Art Starts for Black youth aged 14 and up. Creating in any medium is my true passion.

As a young, Black Biracial Woman with Type II Bipolar Disorder from Toronto, I have coined myself as the “Bi-Fecta”. I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates within the realms of visual art, literary art, and performance art.

I work with diverse materials spanning from acrylic paints on canvas, to ink on paper, to my voice on the mic, to my body on the stage. I use art to ground and remind myself of the power I possess to be a positive change in this world. Each piece I creates is a small chapter of my visual memoire.

The Earth without ‘art’ is just eh.


Our festival features on hands-on workshops hosted by professional local artists in various forms of the arts such as: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, drawing, performance arts and much more.

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