August Family Fun

mother and children walks near body of water
mother and children walks near body of water

Hey friends! Each month we’ll be sharing some family fun ideas at the beginning of the month!

Here are some of our ideas you can try this month!

Happy August everyone! The summer just blew by didn’t it? Here is our monthly instalment of family fun ideas for August 🌞

Go bowling- A fond childhood memory of mine is going bowling at Bowl-A-Rama! With the hot weather sometimes you just want a cool (literally) place to hang out for a couple hours… bonus fun if you find a Glow In The Dark session!

Ice Archeology- Grab a large plastic bowl or container and fill it 1/3 of the way with water and some small toys. Repeat that until the bowl is full and you have a bunch of toys frozen! Then, take the kiddos outside and let them chip away at the ice block to uncover toys!

Ice Cube Painting- Have you seen this super easy craft floating around on the internet lately? Put some popsicle sticks in an ice cube tray of water (for a handle). Drop some food colouring, or washable paint into the cubes and stir with the stick then freeze. Once frozen, grab some paper and let your kids chill out with this cool craft (see what we did there? 😉 )

Paint Kindness Rocks- Collect some smooth rocks and start painting! Use bright colours and leave kind words on the rocks. When completed, go on a walk around your house or in the park and leave the kindness rocks in gardens. Just make sure they’re not in places where people could trip!

Backyard Obstacle Course- Grab old boxes, buckets, pieces of wood, tarps… whatever you might have laying around the house and build a little obstacle course! Get creative and have places to climb, crawl, hop or swing!

Read-a-thon Day- My favourite day is a day where I can just spend it reading! With school fast approaching, the amount of time we have to read dwindles…so, why not set a day where all you do is read!? To make it a little more interesting, find unique places to read books- under the stairs? in a treehouse? On a swing at the park? See where your kid’s imaginations can take you and ask where they’ve always wanted to read!

Bonus points if you signed up for the Summer Reading Program at your local Hamilton Library branch! Your kiddos can finish off the goal before the end of summer in no time!

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