Brenda Byers

Create your own fairytales with Oral storyteller Brenda! Brenda will teach you how to create your own Fairytale Story Flashcards, and show you how use the flashcards in an awesome game! Watch the first video, and then come back to learn about the Story Circles!

Flash Your Fairytale Story Cards
Flashy Fairy Tale Story Circles

 I am an oral Storyteller. No books, no batteries, just me plugging into the imaginations of my listeners. I tell tales of wit, wisdom and humour for story lovers of all ages, from folk and fairy tales to family and personal stories, very often blending music in my performances.

Brenda is an oral Storyteller with an extraordinary knack of enchanting her listeners. Her quirky sense of humour and boldness transports them to the world she creates and brings them safely back again. A lover of folk, fairy and tall tales, and life stories.

The Earth without ‘art’ is just eh.


Our festival features on hands-on workshops hosted by professional local artists in various forms of the arts such as: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, drawing, performance arts and much more.

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