Creative Close-ups!

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Special thanks to the sponsors of this workshop:
McCallum Misale Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Rotary Club of Hamilton AM

*Please note that all videos were shot at our artists’ homes during the 2020 pandemic. So much love went into these videos from the artists, we hope you enjoy them!

About The Artists:

I’m a photography educator and founder of Project Kids & Cameras and I’m thrilled to participate in this year’s Imagine in The Park Virtual Festival. I’m offering three super fun and interactive videos and photo challenges you can do outdoors on your own or with family and friends!

I am a photographer and naturalist living in Toronto. I doesn’t really know where art ends and nature begins, and often confuse the two. What I do know is that everyone deserves to look good in print, whether they wear their skeleton on the inside or the outside. Author of soon-to-be released ebook Hey, Bug Face!

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