February Family Fun

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Hey friends! Each month we’ll be sharing some family fun ideas at the beginning of the month! We’re kicking it off today with some family fun ideas for February!

February can be a tough month to get through… it’s been SO LONG since our last holidays and the winter blues are maybe setting in… which is all the more reason to make some time intentionally to hang out with the fam, and have some FUN!

Here are some of our ideas you can try this month!

Valentine’s Day is this month… so why just celebrate it for a day?! Spread the love a little further with some Valentine’s Day crafts! Love Monsters & Valentine Mailboxes are just a few ideas!

If you’re skilled in the kitchen, make some heart-shaped pizzas, cookies, brownies… just make everything heart-shaped! If you’re not skilled in the kitchen… well then you just found a fun activity to try with the fam! Have a pizza party where everyone competes for the best-tasting pizza! If you don’t want to make your own dough, just grab a pre-made one, some tortillas or naan bread! All you need is a large heart-shaped cookie cutter, and your favourite toppings!

Look, it’s cold out… so what better way to spend some time together than with a Tea Party! Make or buy some cookies, petite cakes and cut your favourite sandwiches into triangles, pair that will some hot water and a lemon slice or your favourite warm drinks in some teacups! If you want to be extra… make sure you all dress up in your nicest clothes too!

After the snow flies (and we all know it will this month) grab your snowsuits and find your local tobogganing spot! Drop yours in the comments for other parents in your community!

After a day of tobogganing, get cozy inside with a Movie Night! Go all out with all the pillows and blankets (blanket fort anyone??), your kid’s favourite movie snacks and of course- popcorn! Take it over the top with common movie theatre foods for diner- pizza, nachos etc!

Now, of course we’re going to suggest having an Art day! We have tons of videos on our site that are from professional local artists and authors that lead your kids in some super fun art activities. Pick out a couple videos and have everyone participate!

What are some of your favourite family activities to do in the Winter? Let us know on our Family Fun Activities facebook post!

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