Raid the kitchen drawers and explore making sounds in the kitchen! Metal bowls, spoons, chop sticks… items found around the kitchen are needed!
Workshop 1: Kitchen Instruments #1

Workshop 2: Kitchen Instruments #2

Workshop 3: Kitchen Instruments #3

Workshop 4: Pioneer Sound Explorer

Workshop 5: Prehistoric Sound Explorer

Create some magic with Dan The Music Man! Put all your instruments together and then join Dan in his performance!
Workshop 1: Bubble Wand & Percussion Workshop
Please see material list on the workshop page!

Gather any household item you can find! Mark shows you how you can make music with items found all around you… even you!
Workshop 1: Your Home Is An Orchestra!
Materials Needed:
-Find items from your kitchen or garage… aluminum foil, plastic, glass jars, rice… you name it

Workshop 2: Body & Face Percussion

Workshop 3: Drum, Strut & Toot!
Materials Needed:
– Items from the blue bin!
-Rubber bands

Grab all your homemade instruments! Join Dan The Music Man in a special music video!

The Earth without ‘art’ is just eh.


Our festival features on hands-on workshops hosted by professional local artists in various forms of the arts such as: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, drawing, performance arts and much more.

Due to Covid-19 we’ve moved our hands-on interactive workshops online! Our artists & authors created interactive workshops from their homes so that you can participate from the comfort of your home!

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