Performing Arts

Brush off your acting skills! Choose your own adventure with Great Big Theatre Company!
Available June 4-11, 2022 only
Workshop 1: Cloud Kingdom Explorer
Workshop 2: Mythical Kingdom

Learn how to juggle the three-ball pattern… with your own juggling balls! A fun way to improve your mental health while learning a new skill.

Workshop 1: Make Your Own Juggling Balls
-Plastic Wrap

Workshop 2: Learn To Juggle- 3 Ball Pattern

Learn the ins and outs of juggling! Impress your friends and have some fun!
Workshop 1: One Ball Fun!
Materials Needed:
-1 ball
Workshop 2: Three Ball Fun!
Materials Needed:
-3 ball
Workshop 3: Grocery Bag Juggling
Materials Needed:
-shopping bags or scarves

Create your own Fairytale with the help of some flash cards created by you!

Workshop 1: Fairytale Flash Cards
Materials Needed:
-Playing cards
-Rubber stamps
-Crayons, fine markers for outlines
-Pencil, eraser
-Glue stick
-Pictures from old magazines
-Plain paper for Google clip art (type in ‘cartoon fairytales’ in images)
-Pictures from old books
-Your own drawings

Workshop 2: Flashy Fairytale Story Circles

Make some new friends with Yvette!

Learn how to create a new friend, and put on a shadow show!
Workshop 1: Shadow Puppet Fun
Materials Needed:
-Pencil, pop sickle sticks, straws
-Light source

Workshop 2: Sock Puppet Fun!
-Paper bags or socks
– items to decorate your puppet

Workshop 3: Bring Your Puppet to Life

The Earth without ‘art’ is just eh.


Our festival features on hands-on workshops hosted by professional local artists in various forms of the arts such as: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, drawing, performance arts and much more.

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