Learn how to juggle the three-ball pattern… with your own juggling balls! A fun way to improve your mental health while learning a new skill.

Make Your Own Juggling Balls
Learn To Juggle- 3 Ball Pattern

For more than 17 years, Kyle’s worked as a professional street performer, actor, circus artist, and award-winning entrepreneur. He holds a BFA (Honours) in Acting from the University of Windsor, was one of the first OUT LGTBQ+ Buskers on North America’s busker festival circuit, and lives with anxiety, depression & panic disorder.

Kyle walks on stilts, juggles knives, breathes fire, stands on nails … and he’s making a BIG impact! He also performs Lucky Barber Show – a SHARP juggling show – at festival, events, and busks at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre as one its regular street performers.

The Earth without ‘art’ is just eh.


Our festival features on hands-on workshops hosted by professional local artists in various forms of the arts such as: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, drawing, performance arts and much more.

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