July Family Fun


Hey friends! Each month we’ll be sharing some family fun ideas at the beginning of the month!


Here are some of our ideas you can try this month!

Create a Sundae Bar- Grab all your favourite ice-cream toppings and a few different flavours of ice cream and have everyone make their perfect sundae bowl!

Disney Dinner + Movie- Have you seen these TikToks and videos on social media? They’re SO CUTE! Pick your favourite Disney movie or one you haven’t seen yet and create a menu inspired by the movie! Either food items that are seen in the movie, or just inspired by the region! There are lots of ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck! Get the littles involved in the prep!

Create Sun Catchers- What a perfect little craft to get excited for summer! There are so many options to use! Tissue paper, marbles, watercolour paints… let your littles use their imagination!

Write a Summer Bucket List- Get the fam together and write out a few things everyone would like to do this summer! Tomorrow we’ll have some ideas posted to get the creative juices flowing!

Explore a New Town- Whether it’s just the town over, a bit of a drive… or even the town you live in- explore a new area/ your town like a tourist and find out what’s around you! There’s always something fun to discover.

Journal Your Summer Activities

It’s almost guaranteed that when your kids go back to school in September, they’re going to be asked what they did over the summer… avoid the ‘nothing’ response and prepare early! Grab a notebook or make your own family journal and have kids draw or write what they did each week! On July 15 we’ll be sharing how to make a paper bag journal, so if you’re looking for a little craft stay tuned!

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