November Family Fun

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Hey friends! Each month we’ll be sharing some family fun ideas at the beginning of the month!

Here are some of our ideas you can try this month!

Rake & Jump in the leaves

Knock off some home maintenance and family fun all in one go! Rake your yard and then jump in all the lovely piles!

Watch a classic kids’ movie

Whether it’s a cozy winter one, a holiday one or just a classic all-year round kind of movie, get cozy, pop some popcorn! Share your memories of the movie with your kids, and create new memories together!

Do a puzzle together

Settle in on a cold winter morning or evening and start on a puzzle! If you have the room, do a large puzzle over a few sessions!

Family PJ Day

What’s more fun than spending a day in your pjs? Gather up some fun indoor activities and spend the day cozy in your PJ’s… maybe even some breakfast for dinner!

Make a Homemade bird feeder

Our feathered friends that stay year-round will be needing some extra energy to get through the Winter! Use Google, Youtube or Pinterest to learn how to make a feeder yourselves!

Create A ‘Christmas’ Activity Advent Calendar (more on that here later!)

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or something else, no worries! Take the idea of an advent calendar and make it your own! We’ll be sharing ideas on different activities to schedule leading up to the holiday of your choice- even if that’s just a fun way to pass the days till December 31! Including a free printable! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook & Instagram

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