• Provide free admission to the Imagine in the Park Festival
  • Provide children ages 3-12 and their families with the opportunity to experience, create and participate in different art forms including Literature, Music, Visual, Dance and Theatre
  • Provide students age 14 to 17 the opportunity to volunteer and mentor in different aspects of the festival.
  • Provide an environment where children are welcomed and encouraged to participate
  • Provide information and resources for children and their families to encourage involvement in the arts and literature in their daily lives.
  • Provide a staff led interactive arts-based activity area for pre-school aged children and families
  • Showcase the importance of arts and literature for children (and their families)
  • Develop an awareness of cultural self-expression
  • Discover the relationship of arts and literature in daily life
  • Focus on families learning together through discovery and creative exploration
  • Offer interactive workshops in each arts discipline
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