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Here is the list of our exciting 2018 Lineup!

Heather Vollans- Piecing it Together 

Children will explore the beautiful art of mosaic with pre-cut stained glass pieces and trinkets and plywood while letting their imagination run free for the duration of this 20-minute workshop. Children under 8 will require adult supervision, each of our workshops has adult/ student volunteers but with a limited number of volunteers, there are not enough to have one for every child in the workshop.

Brenda Byers- Leprechauns, Faeries, Enchantments…Oh My!

The session will begin with some stories, dancing, and songs accompanied by ukulele. Lots of participation is encouraged. We will move on to decorating fairy and elf doors. I will put them together beforehand using paint stir sticks. Parents and caregivers can help in their creations using feathers, foam creatures, beads, pipe cleaners, and more.

Treasa Levasseur and Jody Boston- Music & MakeBelieve

Music and MakeBelieve is an interactive, hilarious improv-aganza that includes elements of theatrical performance, music making, story telling and creative movement. Part show, part concert, part story circle, part dance party, people of all ages will enjoy devising stories and making connections in this journey through the imagination. Each leg of the journey begins and ends with a musical gathering circle which serves as both a place where participants can share their own ideas and a centre where we can listen to each other and foster collaboration. Anything can happen when spectators become characters and bring the story to life. The day will be divided into six workshops that are 45 minutes each. Each will include games, songs, dances and stories geared to the ages of the participants

Greeting song: Hello, hello
Improv Game: Boom Chukka Boom
Song: Down By the Bay/Baby Beluga/Name That Tune
Theatrical Story: The Enormous Turnip
Creative Movement: Let’s go to the Zoo

Melaine Rossen- Adventures with Lubee the Clown

Lubee the Clown is an adventurous spirit of play! She has travelled all over the world and has stories to share. Participants will be invited into a journey of play through active imagination that integrates: storytelling, puppetry, creative movement, music, and of course humour!

The theme will allow children to explore the world from a clown’s perspective. As we travel through our imaginations the children will be introduced and learn to celebrate cultural elements from places such as: India where there Loopi developed clown yoga (aka Cloga!), Africa where she found out about drum communication, visited the countryside in Colombia, found a magic genie in the Middle East, discovered a magical wood flute here on Turtle Island and much much more… This is bound to be a fun filled day full of enriching experiences for all!

Claudette Losier- Mark Making

Claudette has joined us for a number of years now, as has been such a hit! In this year’s workshop children will explore various drawing techniques using imagination and reality, with a fresh Canadian spin. Claudette’s art has received awards locally, nationally and internationally.

Lacey Lucidity-   Juggling

Have you ever wanted to learn how to juggle? In this workshop we will have fun learning juggling tricks together using just one ball, two balls, and work our way up to 3 ball juggling! This workshop is for both kids and adults to learn together and it is for all ages and abilities. At the end of the workshop, participants can present to each other the tricks they have learned in a safe and supportive environment.

Derek Douglas- Sailing The Three C’s

Participating children will be paired with another child or a parent/volunteer and will use their imagination to create two collaborative artworks  per pair using the animals, portrayed- Monarchs, boats, …basically anything found on a Canadian coin. Children will work in pairs to encourage a collaborative environment. Each pair of participants will be given a Canadian coin print out reference sheet, one piece of cartridge paper, a set of markers and a set amount of time to successfully complete their half of the artworks. Once the time is up, they will then switch artworks with their partner to complete each other’s art piece, resulting in two completed collaborative artworks per pair. From start to finish the workshop will take approximately 20-30 minutes per session. When completed this collaborate artwork the child may choose to work on one more additional “Create Your Own Coin” project where they are given a template where they can design their very own Canadian coin to their liking.

Adam Elliot Segal- Basketball Stars (Writing)

This workshop will consist of six, ten-minute segments designed to engage children with the world of basketball and sports.

  1. Trivia time! – 10-minute quiz of basketball terms using Basketball Stars as a resource. Audience engagement and hands raised encouraged! Extra bonus Raptors contest/questions at the end.
  2. Team workshop – groups of approximately five children gather as a “team.” They must work together to “score” a basket. Time to get creative! Parents are encouraged to help organize each team. This could mean passing a rolled ball between them and scoring a basket, organizing shortest to tallest, drawing up a play, naming players, etc.
  3. Drawing! Each participant must draw a basketball related item — for example, a basketball court, favourite Raptor players, team logo, the Raptor Mascot.
  4. Write Your Own Profile – Participants are tasked with writing and describing favourite sports, favourite players, and/or personal skill set and personality. Kids can also write about themselves, create a 50-word personal profile just like in Basketball Stars.
  5. Nerf Hoop Shooting Contest! Every participant gets one chance to make a basket.
  6. Reading. Selected participants (along with myself) will come up to the podium and read sections from Basketball Stars, including sections from Basketball Basics, Nuts and Bolts, and the player profiles, including Toronto Raptors superstar DeMar Derozan.

Learning With Lexi

Our workshop will have the kids creating their own “My First Aid Kit for Life” Supportive Journal. This journal touches on the importance and practice of self love, coping skills and emotional intelligence. This experience integra.tes creativity, music and literacy; each one supporting the next. We as a collective are building a foundation/toolbox that will encourage the children to dig deep,actively participate in their growth and be an advocate for themselves. The students will participate through a series of crafts which will be directed and walked through by myself and my partner. They will create a loving connection with their journal by putting it together page by page and actively participating in it that day. Not only do the children explore creatively, they will also have the opportunity to take part musically as well. Words, emotions and music support the dream of teaching these children the value of loving themselves.

Jonathon Kerr- You’ve Got Rhythm

Students will participate in a hands-on approach to learning about beat and rhythm using various percussion instruments. Children of all ages will be put into groups following a beat and learning specific rhythms to play along, as well as using “freestyle” to make their own rhythms while trying out different instruments such as shakers, drums, xylophones/glockenspiels wood blocks and sticks.

Fortunée Shugar

This project will include tearing paper by hand and creating images from the mind of the artist. The torn paper will not be cut with scissors, but rather torn to create strips, pieces or specific shapes like mountains, waves or fields of green.

This method will result in unique paper ‘paintings’. The paper will be glued together using glue sticks. Overlapping the paper will result in depth and perhaps even perspective.

The artists can create their own favourite subjects, including flowers, landscapes, rainbows, figures, underwater or outer space scenes, animals or whatever else they wish. The choices are endless. Abstract art is also very acceptable, if they wish.

Janus- Clay Play with Janus

This year, our pottery workshop will be a free flowing day of self-directed Clay Play with  personal support from Janus. Clay, tools and ideas will be provided. Simple animal forms and pinched pots will be encouraged. Children’s air dry treasures will be bagged to take home. Participants will be able to stay for as long as desired within the open workshop time and others can enter whenever a seat is available.

Jeff & Laurie Mann- Tread On It (T-Shirt Painting)

Always a popular workshop, this year we will have 2 tents dedicated to this workshop. Tread On It uses old car parts to print designs on T-Shirts using paint! Children get to take their T-Shirt home with them (after drying on our line of course!)

Sylvia McNicoll- The Great Mistake 

Giving samples of her own, Sylvia McNicoll will invite the audience to think about what mistakes they or their family members made today, or yesterday or even in the past week. They can jot these down and Sylvia will collect them in a shoe box. A few will then draw mistakes from Sylvia’s Xbox which have mistakes that resulted in great discoveries. For example chocolate chip cookies were the result of baking with a chocolate bar and hoping it would replace cocoa.The slinky, xrays, post-it notes and even Ivory soap were all the results of someone’s error. It’s the analysis and observation that followed which made mistakes into masterpieces.Sylvia will hand out paper with Xs on them and the participants will be invited to list words with x and draw something incorporating the X. For younger siblings there will be an expansion of the X making craft, perhaps playdough or popsicle X making. Drawing a hand on a sheet of paper and then gluing Q-tips to make an Xray (which was invented by error)While they are drawing/crafting (noise level depending) Sylvia will read a mistake from one of the Great Mistake Mysteries, either The Best Mistake Mystery, The Artsy Mistake Mystery or The Snake Mistake Mysteries.Finally participants will pull a mistake from the ones contributed at the beginning and together we will create a poem showing a happy resolution or discovery that results from the mistake.

Chris Torti- Puppetry & Music

The workshop first begins with a simple instrument making craft- creating a harmonica. Then once the craft is completed, there will be a 30 minute music & puppet performance, and the children will be given many opportunities to use their craft instrument. The children will be prompted to join in on the actions, as well, as dance.After the performance, children will gather for a puppet demonstration.Children will be shown what Mr. Chris first used as ‘puppets’, and then he will demonstrate how to use the puppets – (control them, give them voices, add character) There will be 4 large puppets for the children to try out at the end of the performance/workshop

Claudette Losier- Mark Making

This workshop will include experimental and interactive exercises for the children to explore Mark Making using various drawing techniques: blind contour, gestures, continuous line, negative spaces, etc. The focus will be having the participants explore the act of doodling then noodling to create from their imagination but using reality as a starting point. The materials will include: cartridge white paper, conti crayons, pencils, markers, pens, eraser and photos of images.

Hamilton- Burlington Magic Society

Children will be amazed by a magic show followed by an animal balloon demonstration.  Children will be able to participate in the magic lesson and balloon demonstration so that they may take their skills home with them an amaze family and friends!

Sandra Weddum- Kids Zone

Open for the younger children, Sandy will be hosting our kids zone again this year with easy crafts and activities designed for children 1-4 years old.

Hamilton Public Library

Dan The Music Man

Calling all kids (and kids at heart!) Get ready to participate in a musical adventure that will stretch your imagination and tickle your funny bone! Join one of Canada’s favourite family performers, songwriters and recording artists, Dan the Music Man! Dan Devion a.k.a. Dan the Music Man is a Toronto-based songwriter and entertainer whose enthusiastic performances have made him a favourite of family audiences all over his native Canada, the United States and as far away as Seoul, South Korea.

Dan The Music man will be preforming two 1-hour long shows. One at 12:30-1:30 during our shut down lunch and again later in the day around 4:30pm. 

Melania Pawliw- Dance

Tzippy Aronson- Beading

We are also introducing a new food truck this year: Curbside Grill, and Tasty Cravings Ice Cream Truck will be joining us once again along with our beloved Paul Reardon Sausage cart.



Brenda Byers: Come To The Kitchen Party!
Derek Douglas:
Ellen Jaffe: Canadian Poetry & Prose
Janus Sculpture: Beaver Hut Pottery
Treasa Lavesseur & Jodi Boston: Let’s Go Canada Show!
Claudette Losier: mark Making
Jeff Mann: Tread On It
Melania Pawliw: Dance
Melanie Rosen: A Clownada Celebration ft. Lubee The Clown
Tribal Vision Dance: Native Canadian Dance
Nathalie Vachon: Bilingual Story Telling
Heather Vollans: Piecing It Together
Lacey Williams: The History of Juggling In Canada
Hamilton Public Library
Sandra Weddum-Kids Zone
Laurie Wonfor-Nolan: Painted Paddles
Dave Gould: Canadian Antler Music Jam!