Vendors & Artists

*There are no vendors at our 2021 Digital Festival

Artists and Their Workshops

Allison Liss
Don’t Just Sit There…Do nothing! Series 1 & Series 2
Meditation (Ages 5+)

Andrea Torrey-Balsara
Writing from the Heart
Cool Cartoon Characters
Drawing From The Inside Out

Dave Gould
Kitchen Instruments #1
Kitchen Instruments #2
Kitchen Instruments #3

Dan The Music Man
Bubble Wand Workshop

Dawn Dreams
One Ball Fun
Shopping Bag (scarf) Juggling
Intro to 3 ball Juggling

Fortunée Shugar
Having Fun with Textures (4-6 Year Old)
Having Fun with Textures (7-9 Year Old)
Having Fun with Textures (10-12 Year Old)

Great Big Theatre Co
Forest Adventure
Leprechaun Encounter
Outer Space Voyage

Hamilton Public Library
Where are you, Agnes?

Janus Sculpture
My Home Is My Drawn Castle (Ages 6-7)
My Home Is My Drawn Castle (Ages 8+)
My Home Is My Sculpted Castle

Lee Edward Födi
Dragon Eggs 101
Dragon Eggs 201
The Wizard’s Potion

Learning With Lexi
My Tree of Gratitude
Self-Love Fortune Teller
Self-Love Affirmation Box

Mark Sepic
Your Home Is An Orchestra!
Body & Face Percussion
Drum, Strut, Toot!

Project Kids With Cameras (Diana Nazareth)
Ready, Set, Camera! With Guest Janet Pliszka
Colour Pop! With Guest Brook Hewitt
Creative Close-ups! With Guest Michael Battenberg

Treasa Levasseur
Pop Up Puppet Project Pt.1: Building Your Puppet
Pop Up Puppet Project Pt.2: Bringing Your Puppet to Life
Pop Up Puppet Project Pt.3: Storytelling With Puppet

Yvette Locke
Shadow Puppet Fun
Sock Puppet Friends
Bring Your Puppet to Life


Dan The Music Man

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