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Artists and Their Workshops

Here is the list of our exciting 2017 Lineup!


Laurie Wonfor- Nolan- Painted Paddles

Children will create their own Canadian themed painted 24” paddle. There will be examples of paddles at the workshop, but children are encouraged to paint what speaks to them, and what they feel best represents the theme.

Janus- Beaver Hut Pottery

In this 45 minute workshop, the little artists will create pinch pots out of clay and create shapes and tree textures out of stamps and various tools. These pinch pots will serve as a little hut for a beaver friend children will also create through the workshop.

Heather Vollans- Piecing it Together 

Children will explore the beautiful art of mosaic with pre-cut stained glass pieces and trinkets and plywood while letting their imagination run free for the duration of this 20-minute workshop. Children under 8 will require adult supervision, each of our workshops has adult/ student volunteers but with a limited number of volunteers, there are not enough to have one for every child in the workshop.

Tribal Vision Dance- Native American Dance

This special workshop will only be on twice during our festival- and it will be a “can’t miss”! Children will learn some moves through the Native American Dancers and learn about some of the history and culture surrounding the dance.

Dave Gould- Canadian Antler Music Jam

Children can participate by touching electric moose antlers and jamming along with the sounds of the caribou harp. This workshop is a revolving door where people can come and play, listen and move along as they please. Dave will facilitate the sound jamming and help everyone get an equal chance to contribute.

Brenda Byers- Come To The Kitchen Party!

This sesquicentennial programme features folk tales, tall tales and true tales, a guitar, an ugly stick and other sounds! Hear stories from Ogopogo, the skunk in Tante Odette’s oven and more! Each session is 30 minutes long and begins by sitting in a circle to hear stories told in Canada. Once the music begins, we dance and sing. To help take the kitchen home, we’ll make talking sticks.

Treasa Levasseur and Jody Boston- Let’s Go Canada Show!

The Let’s Go Canada Show is a fast-paced, interactive, hilarious improve-aganza that includes elements of theatrical performance, music making, storytelling and creative movement. Part show, concert, story circle, and dance party people of all ages will enjoy devising and participating in a meaningful journey from coast to coast to coast. Each leg of the journey begins and ends on a giant, mounted map which serves as both a guide for where we’re going and a reminder of where we’ve been. Anything can happen when spectators become characters and bring the story to life.

Each stop on our journey will be 45 minutes where children will ‘visit’ the Maritimes, Quebec, the West Coast, the Arctic, the Prairies and end back in Hamilton.


West Coast: British Colombia

Improv Game: Monster Machine Song: Down by The Bay/ Baby Beluga Theatrical Story: “The Legend of Ogopogo” Creative Movement: Ogopogo Conga Parade Reflection: Participants add Moments and Memories to the map.

Melaine Rossen- Clownada Celebration! ft. Lubee the Clown

This is an interactive edutainment experience where participants of all ages are invited into the playful perspective of how Lubee the Clown celebrates and honours Canada.

As the story goes, when Lubee the clown was born, her parents told her that she was free to go anywhere she wanted as long as she didn’t hurt anyone. So she became an intergalactic traveller who one day found herself in a canoe without any paddles in as place called Canada. Clearly, she had to go with the flow! Since, she has travelled throughout Canada far and wide, has learned so much and has many stories to share!

Through interactive storytelling, narrative choreography and movement, songs and music, and puppetry, Lubee will take participants on a journey through the provinces. Through this experience, participants will have fun re-discovering what is unique about Canada. Some examples are:

  • The national ant theme and dance- sung by Anthony the Ant and Choreographed by Lubee
  •  How to become a farmer
  •  The Four Seasons
  • The Ojibwe Creation Story, native instruments: wood flute, hand drum
  • A journey into the Rocky Mountains
  • Taking a train, and encountering various wildlife indigenous to Canada
  • Experiencing and sharing the diversity of cultures
  • Canadian sports- clown baseball!
  • A silly sounds orchestra … and more!

Claudette Losier- Mark Making

Claudette has joined us for a number of years now, as has been such a hit! In this year’s workshop children will explore various drawing techniques using imagination and reality, with a fresh Canadian spin. Claudette’s art has received awards locally, nationally and internationally.

Nathalie Vachon- Bilingual Story Telling

New to us this year is Nathalie, our French/ English story teller! You don’t want to miss this exciting workshop, which will only be happening once! More information to follow.

Lacey Lucidity-  The History of Canadian Juggling

Have you ever wanted to learn how to juggle? In this workshop, children will have fun learning juggling tricks using just one ball, then working up to 3! To celebrate Canada’s 150th, they will also learn the history of juggling in Canada over the last 150 years and how far we’ve come! The workshop is for both kids and adults to learn together! Our goal will be to throw and catch the balls 150 times before the workshop is over! There will also be sets of red and white juggling balls available to take your learning further, but no matter what, you will have learned a fun and interesting skill that you can share with family and friends!

Derek Douglas- Canadian Pancakes

Working collaboratively, children will create their own story surrounding “M is for Maple” and hear the stories of Derek’s two illustrated books “Canada: Our Road To Democracy” and “Canada: Our Home And Native Land” as well as be introduced to the four animal hosts of the books: Beaver, Moose, Bison and Goose.

Ellen S. Jaffe- Proud to Be Canadian Poetry

In This workshop, children will choose an object that represents Canada to them; this could be the Canadian Flag, a maple leaf, a canoe, a moose, a hockey stick, a toque, maple syrup, a pine tree, an Inuit carving, or a piece of Inuit art, a refugee centre or citizenship card, a school, a health centre, a bucket in a fire-brigade, a skating rink, and more. Children will write poems/ short prose about our objects, describing them and why it’s proud to be Canadian. At the end of the workshop, the poems will be shared aloud, and if the children like, they can leave a line of their poem on a sheet of paper in the tent, so that at the end of the festival, there is a word-picture of all these proud Canadian objects.

… notice a theme? This year, as part of the Canada 150 celebration, our festival is all about being proud to be Canadian, so all of our workshops have a Canadian spin to them!

Also joining us will be our First Prime Minister Sir John A MacDonald, who will quiz the children about Canada’s history and create some awesome balloon masterpieces for the children to take home.

We are also introducing a few new food trucks this year: the Pizza Pizza truck, Slush Puppies & popcorn, and an Ice Cream Truck to join our beloved Paul Reardon Sausage cart.

Once again, a face painter (or two!) will be joining us as part of the Autism Ontario tent which will be co-habited with the Boys and Girls Club, City of Hamilton Early Years, And Hamilton Region Indian Centre


“Storytelling” with Brenda Byers

“Fun with Poetry and Art” with Alma Fullerton

“The Perfect Square with Treasa Levasseur

“Writing on the Fly” with Sylvia McNicoll

“We Are All Jugglers” with Lacey Williams

“You’ve got Rhythm” with Jonathan Kerr

“Working in Felt” with Sue Firkser

“Exploration of Mark Making” with Claudette Losier

“Dance” with Miss Melania

“Build Your Own Binzasara” with Dave Gould

“Tread on It” with Jeff Mann

“Pottery Treasure Boxes” with Debra McBride