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Artists and Their Workshops

Here is the list of our exciting 2019 Lineup!

Learning With Lexi!
Arts Discipline– Music, Literary, Visual Arts
Name of Workshop– My First Aid Kit for Life 2.0

The workshop will have the kids creating their own First Aid Kit, which will be a supportive journal. The journal touches on the importance of the self-love, coping skills and emotional intelligence.


Brenda Byers
Arts Discipline– Storyteller
Name of Workshop– Tell-a-Tale Puppets!

The Children will make up a tale with imaginary beings that might live in castles or enchanted forests or on the high seas and give them adventures with trolls, fairies, dragons or whatever else you fancy. When the children are finished their story, we’ll create a stick- puppet. Paint it, give it a face, dress it up, and let it help you tell their tale. At the end of the day the kids can come back for a story circle to share stories.


Mr. Chris & The Gassy Bubbles
Arts Discipline– Visual Arts, Crafting
Name of Workshop– Musical Instruments with Families

Chris would like to facilitate making musical instruments with the children and families.  They will be making a variety of instruments throughout the day including: Drums, harmonica/kazoo’s, shakers and a 4th that is a surprise!

Code Mobile
Arts Discipline– Digital Arts
Name of Workshop– Digi-Sketch!

Art is everywhere – even on our computers!

Using Scratch, a beginner level programming environment, learners will have the tools to develop interactive art and art-building platforms to share and use.

Dave Gould
Arts Discipline– Music
Name of Workshop– Fun with Foley Art

Children will be invited to participate in creating a live soundtrack with Foley instruments. After a brief, educational and fun Foley demonstration, the children will be presented with a story in need of Foley art that they will improvise the sounds and music for. Adaptions can be made for children with mobility challenges.


Derek Douglas
Arts Discipline– Storytelling/ Visual Arts
Name of Workshop– My Dream Playground

Children can choose to work individually or in groups. A collaborative environment will be encouraged. Each child will be given one piece of cartridge paper, and all the markers, glue, tape child safety scissors and 3-D supplies they need to successfully complete their artworks.


Diana Nazareth (Project Kids & Cameras)
Arts Discipline– Visual Arts, Photography
Name of Workshop– Photo Scavenger Hunt

Children will go on a scavenger hunt looking for faces in places, and learning about composition, vantage points, elements of design, scale and perspective, macro photography and much more. Digital camera and portable printers provided for use during the program. Participants will print and take home one of their favourite photo. The activity will take place in and around the park grounds and all parents are welcome to join their children. Each hunt will take approximately 30 minutes the children will get a brief presentation introducing them to one photography fundamental. Then they will go out with the artist and take their photos, coming back to the tent to print off their favorite.


Fortunee Shugar
Arts Discipline– Visual Arts
Name of Workshop– “Tear Your Art to Pieces”

This project includes tearing paper by hand & creating images from the mind of the artist. The children will create unique paper paintings. The children will glue together using glue sticks and overlapping the paper will result in depth and perhaps even perspective.


Hamilton Public Library
Arts Discipline– Drama & Theatre Arts
Name of Workshop– Storytelling and Creative Building

HPL will open the program by presenting a fun and engaging story to the children. After listening to the story and discussing different elements, the children will think about the ideas that inspired and will then build their inspirations using a variety of reusable learning materials. Families are encouraged to take photos of their children’s creations before disassembling for the next group.

The Bookmobile is also coming!

Janice Peshke
Art Discipline– Jewelry
Name of Workshop– Widgets, Keychains, or Bookmarks

The Widgets can be used as something to play with a variety of beads that have different shapes and colours are used. They could also be keychains, light pulls, or bookmarks. There would be larger holed beads for the younger children, so they could manipulate the wire through the holes.


Janus Sculpture
Art Discipline– Sculpture, Visual Art
Name of Workshop– Clay Play

Create a free-flowing day of self- directed clay play with her personal support. Clay, tools, and ideas will be provided. Simple animal forms and pinched pots will be encouraged. The children will be working around an underwater theme this year. Children’s air-dry treasures will be bagged to take home.


Jean Assamoa
Art Discipline– Music
Name of Workshop– African Drum Circle

This fun program exposes participants to the historical development of African music instruments and songs. They receive in introductory music concepts. They will learn introduction to African music- percussions and the rhythms through the three basics: Bass, Tone and Slap. And together they will play during their planned time.


Jeff & Laurie Mann
Art Discipline– Visual Arts
Name of Workshop– Tread On It

Always a popular workshop, this year we will have 2 tents dedicated to this workshop. Tread On It uses old car parts to print designs on T-Shirts using paint! Children get to take their T-Shirt home with them (after drying on our line of course!)


Great Big Theatre Company
Art Discipline– Theater
Name of Workshop– Theater Arts Workshop

The children will be learning all aspects of theatre through a hands-on workshop.


Melania Pawliw
Art Discipline– Ballet Dancer
Name of Workshop–  Ballet

Students will learn some fundamentals of dance, and work through a little routine during this workshop!


St. John Ambulatory
Art Discipline– literacy, storytelling
Name of Workshop– Therapy Dog Reading Circle

St. John’s Ambulatory will be bringing a variety of dogs for children to read too. IITP can provide books for the children to read with the dogs. The dogs will be all trained and the children are allowed to pet them as well.


Treasa Levasseur
Art Discipline– Music
Name of Workshop– Instrument Petting Zoo

The children throughout the day will be able to try a variety of different instruments. They will be taught how different instruments works, sounds and looks, as artists will bring their own instruments to help with children’s imagination.


Tzippy Aronson
Art Discipline– Jewelry
Name of Workshop– Jewellery Making

Children will be making necklaces and bracelets, very similar to what we did last year.


Yvette Locke
Art Discipline– Puppetry, visual arts
Name of Workshop– Make a Puppet Friend

The children will be making their very own little puppet friend throughout the workshop.



Dan Devion– 12:30, 4:30 shows

Calling all kids (and kids at heart!) Get ready to participate in a musical adventure that will stretch your imagination and tickle your funny bone! Join one of Canada’s favourite family performers, songwriters and recording artists, Dan the Music Man! Dan Devion a.k.a. Dan the Music Man is a Toronto-based songwriter and entertainer whose enthusiastic performances have made him a favourite of family audiences all over his native Canada, the United States and as far away as Seoul, South Korea.


Adam Elliot Segal
Brenda Byers
Claudette Losier
Derek Douglas
Hamilton Public Library
Hamilton Magic Club
Treassa Levasseur & Jody Boston
Lacey Lucidity
Learning With Lexi
Jeff & Laurie Mann
Jonathan Kerr
Melania Pawliw
Melanie Rosen
Mr Chris & The Gassy Bubbles
Sandra Weddum
Sylvia McNicoll
Tzippy Aronson