What is Art?

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*Please note that all videos were shot at our artists’ homes during the 2020-2022 pandemic. So much love went into these videos from the artists, we hope you enjoy them!

About The Author:

For over a decade, I’ve been teaching philosophy to children using stories, games, video, and more. I’m and award-winning author, and the founder of Red T Media, a multimedia children’s publishing company. I’m motivated by the belief that children should be taught how to think, and not just what to think.

I’ve been a writer since grade 2. Writing philosophy for children became my focus while I was teaching it to big kids in high school, college, and university. I wanted to celebrate children’s fearless and joyful pursuit of big questions, and to create materials that they could read themselves. I’m thrilled to see families thinking together, and I haven’t yet met a kid who isn’t brimming with beautiful ideas.

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